WPS is looking for individuals with an unwavering commitment to students and a passion for exploring the future of teaching and learning. You can find more information about our current openings below:

College Transition Program

Program Nurse (summer)

As the Summer Program Nurse, you will review and implement the medical portion of WPS’ safety plan and supervise all aspects of student and educator health and wellness during the summer.

This role will be full-time between June 21 and August 6, with the typical day starting at 9:00 a.m.and ending at 4:00 p.m. Ideally, this hire will also plan for approximately 20 hours prior to the start of camp during the spring. You will work closely with the other staff to ensure the safety and health of students.

College Peer Mentor

WPS seeks current college students to serve as Peer Mentors in WPS’s second annual College Transition Program during the summer of 2021. This role is ideal for college students excited by the opportunity to draw from their personal experiences to support recent high school graduates from historically marginalized backgrounds as they prepare for college in the fall.

Educator Institute

Director of Program

WPS seeks a Director of Program to join its small and growing team. The Director of Program will manage the design and delivery of immersive and transformative learning experiences for educators that build upon essential pedagogical principles. This role is ideal for an experienced designer of learning experiences who excels at big picture programmatic thinking and enjoys guiding a team to create and deliver meaningful and thoughtful professional learning for educators. All candidates should be excited by the prospect of working closely as part of a founding team to create programs for educators that are both innovative and build on time-tested approaches to learning. The Director of Program reports directly to the Chief Program Officer.

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