Our Work

Our Work

We engage in professional learning that is:

  • Inductive 
  • Participant-driven with a Focus on Intensive Peer Exchange 
  • Metacognitive and Mindshifting  
  • At the intersection of Heart and Mind 
  • Research-Based 

Our work with one another, school communities, and our partners is guided by our core values:  


We believe that learning requires openness to new ideas and perspectives, with learners making meaning through curiosity and exploration. 


We believe that a humanist approach to learning honors one’s dignity and affirms the agency of each individual. 

The Act of Becoming

We believe learning is a life-long pursuit of understanding and self-actualization that enriches who we are and the vocation we practice. 


We believe deeply in co-creating a community of mutual/collective learning. Together we can nourish and sustain ourselves and our efforts. 

“We are guided by a belief that creating transformative learning experiences for educators is essential to helping educators create transformative learning experiences for their students and peers.”

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