The Program Experience



“The case study was so relevant on so many different levels. I have so many notes from our discussion and ideas that I can take to my school because of the time provided to talk to other school leaders. Thank you so much for this space. I didn’t realize how much I have missed this type of thinking with peers.”

“Today’s case study was so thought-provoking. The work I did with my small group really challenged my thinking and now I need to go and re-read and really think about what I think — and I’m excited about that.”


“I enjoyed hearing from so many people during the case today. [The facilitator] did a really nice job opening up the virtual space for more voices. I appreciate the risk-taking that many participants made today and the space for emotional safety that [was] held for different perspectives in the discourse to be brought up and explored.”

“This was my favorite part of the day! Taking the learning from the [readings] and the case discussions into a shared [space] with my colleagues to discuss our own practices was very motivating.”

“This content is everything we are dealing with right now. It is relevant and will continue to be relevant as we navigate education during a pandemic.”

“This has been the most mentally productive three hours that I have had in a long time. Beautiful facilitation that allowed me to learn so much from my peers.”

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