Specialized Programs

Specialized Programs

All specialized programs are currently being made available by WPS at no cost to participants or their schools.

Current & Upcoming Program(s)

Seen, heard, understood: Developing a math community where unique learners
come together (November 2021)

with Kara Imm, Ph. D

In this three-session mini-course, teachers will build on the work they have done to establish a sense of belonging and inclusion within their math classroom. Together we will explore the relationship/tension between honoring students’ individual and unique ways of knowing and being while developing a cohesive math community where all students feel seen, heard and understood.  Our work will include:

  • the crafting of mathographies, 
  • the development of a “jagged learning profile” for mathematicians (based on the work of Todd Rose, The End of Average), 
  • an exploration of how teachers use the idea of math identities to deepen students’ learning and/or participation and 
  • the use of empathy interviews to understand, and respond to, students’ history as math learners.

Participants should expect to pilot some of the activities with their own students and bring back insights to share with our class. We ask that Participants should plan to participate in all three sessions of the series.

Program Dates and Times: MONDAYS (Nov 1, Nov 8, Nov 15), 7:00-8:30pm EST

Belonging & Social Emotional Development (October 2021)

Please join us for a 4-part series on Belonging at School, designed to invigorate classroom dynamics and spark curiosity about how a belonging environment can contribute to student learning and growth. In the first session, we will look at a theory of self-affirmation, and practice ways for students to connect to their core values in the classroom.

In the second session, we will explore how small doses of healing engagements can counteract the effects of trauma and high stress for students. We will explore specific strategies for teachers to use. 

The third week is a School-level Planning Week where you will work on your own to explore how student voice, choice, and action in the classroom can be the antidote students need during this disruptive time. You will also take time this week to design a brief presentation of your Belonging practices.

The final session will be a workshopping session where you will share your own innovations for creating a belonging environment and learn from the practices of others.

Program Dates and Times:

East Coast: Oct 19, Oct 26th, Nov 2nd; Nov 9th
Times: TUESDAYS 4:30-6:30pm EST

West Coast: Oct 20, Oct 27, Nov 3rd; Nov 10th
Times: WEDNESDAYS 4:00-6:00pm PST

Past Programs

Exeter Mathematics Institute (July 2021)

This July, WPS will be hosting the Exeter Mathematics Institute (EMI), led by instructors from Phillips Exeter Academy (Exeter). EMI is a hands-on professional development program for high school math teachers who seek to think about their discipline and practice in new ways. Over the course of the four-day program, teachers will collaborate with peers from diverse schools and learn how to better help students engage in inquiry-based learning and apply mathematical thinking to things they care about.

This unique program has impacted thousands of public-school teachers across the country, providing them with invaluable inspiration and perspective to be their best.

Program Dates and Times: WPS will host an EMI session for Boston-area teachers from July 26 to July 30 – with teachers arriving on July 26 – in Newton, Mass. The courses will be tailored for Secondary Math teachers.

Building Community Through Routines in the Math Classroom (March 2021)

The program will kick-off with a WPS case study discussion on routines followed by two sessions in which teachers engage in, analyze, and refine routines for classroom learning. Our goal is to help teachers leverage new technologies in ways that enable new approaches to individual, paired, small- and whole-group routines.

Program Dates and Times: MONDAYS (March 8th, 15th, and 22nd), 4:00 – 6:00 pm PST/ 7:00-9:00pm EST

Leveraging Tech Tools to Foster Learning, While Easing Your Workflow (March 2021)

Keeping students engaged in meaningful learning while online and in hybrid, has brought its unique set of challenges and opportunities. WPS is hosting a session series, in partnership with education technology expert Tom Corbin, designed to provide teachers with ways to optimize blended learning for engagement using popular platforms that foster collaboration, while also easing teacher workflow. Each 90-minute session will have a specific tech tool of focus and grade band. Tom will also host office hours following the session to serve as a support to teachers, answer questions, provide advice, and troubleshoot. Sign up for 1 or 2 engagement sessions based on your grade band!   

Program Sessions and Times (5:00-6:30 pm EST): 

  • March 17th: Grades K-5, Humanities (ELA, History, Art, Music) 
  • March 24th: Grades 6-12, Humanities (ELA, History, Art, Music) 
  • March 31st: Grades K-5, STEM 
  • April 7th:  Grades 6-12, STEM 

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