Foundational Teacher Fellowship

Foundational Teacher Fellowship

WPS invites schools serving high-need communities across the country to nominate teachers for our Foundational Teacher Fellowship, an immersive learning program for experienced teachers interested in deepening their instructional practice and building their capacity to support colleagues in their schools. Rather than teaching tools, tactics, and strategies, the Foundational Teacher Fellowship creates powerful learning experiences that shift the way teachers view their practice, their students, and their peers.


The Foundational Teacher Fellowship is a year-long program that brings together teachers interested in engaging in rich learning alongside other committed teachers in their cohort.  The 2021-2022 Fellowship consists of three in-residence sessions held outside of Boston, MA: July 2021 (6 days), Winter 2021 (4 days) and July 2022 (6 days). Our first program session will place greater focus on the challenges that have surfaced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Foundational Teacher Fellowship reflects WPS’ commitment to honor a diverse group of educators through transformative professional learning experiences that reflect WPS’ learning principles:

  • Inductive: learning is discovered through experience
  • Peer-to-peer exchange: deliberation allows diverse perspectives to surface and be interrogated
  • Participant-driven: meaning-making is grounded in the lived experience of each learner
  • Research-embedded: direct access to academic literature informs how professionals examine their practice
  • Metacognitive: time and space for self-reflection are essential to graft learning onto existing practice
  • Humanistic: transformational learning occurs at the nexus of heart and mind

Who Are WPS Fellows?

The Foundational Teacher Fellowship is specifically designed for teachers who:

  • have 4+ years of experience
  • want to grow and nourish their practice, renew their commitment to teaching and support their colleagues
  • hold influence and informal authority in their school buildings  
  • are nimble, curious, open-minded and adaptive 
  • hold a strong belief in the ability of all students to grapple with deep learning 
  • are committed to challenging their own assumptions

Fellows represent schools that:

  • are in urban centers and rural communities, and suburban areas that serve students from historically under-served  populations
  • have a supportive and trusting school leader that helps them wield their influence amongst their colleagues
  • invest in the professional learning of teaching staff in time, treasure, and resources
  • allow teachers to grapple with challenges, learn through discourse and analysis, and support professional goals for growth. 
  • incentivizes strong teachers to stay in the profession and to support other teaching colleagues in their schools, districts and networks 

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