the journey of students and educators

WPS is a Massachusetts-based non-profit education start-up focused on exploring approaches to teaching and learning that balance the humanistic, intellectual, and pragmatic aims of education. With this goal in mind, WPS is developing two core program areas:
  • Educator Institute
  • College Transition Program
WPS is grounded in the belief that teaching and learning is one of the most transformative of human endeavors. We are developing inductive learning experiences for students and educators that are experiential, balance the acquisition and application of knowledge, deepen both agency and self-reflection, and transcend time and place in their relevance. An emphasis on inquiry, discourse, and problem-based learning will enable students and educators to collaboratively approach learning and problem-solving. 

Educator Institute

Our Educator Institute exposes K12 educators from across the country to the types of learning experiences they are seeking to create for their students. WPS hosts a range of highly differentiated professional development programs that speak to the needs and interests of seasoned teachers and school leaders. Programs are developed by WPS or highly aligned partner organizations and are experiential and inductive in design, peer-to-peer driven and strive to deepen the leadership and instructional practices of teachers and school leaders. We are guided by a belief that creating transformative learning experiences for educators is essential to helping educators create transformative learning experiences for their students and peers. 

College Transition Program

WPS launched a pilot College Transition Program in summer 2020 to address academic and social challenges that under-represented high school graduates face when transitioning to college. Instructors and students worked collaboratively to iterate the design of the program. Upon completing the program, students have a more robust foundation to navigate and shape their college experience. 

WPS · 196 Herrick Rd. · Newton, MA · 02459 · info@wpsinstitute.org

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